White label event streaming for

Live performance

Performance quality streaming for sound & visuals

Perfect for soloists, bands and symphony orchestras alike

Play to audiences of any size, anywhere in the world

Include programme and biographies on your event page

Sell tickets by concert or by concert series

Make recordings available on your website afterwards (subject to licensing)

On-screen branding opportunities for sponsors before, during and after each concert

Option to create additional supporting content in the form of articles and videos

Opportunity to up sell merchandise on your event page

Analytics reporting on your event

Email reminders to attendees about your event

“With the resurgence of COVID-19 last autumn, we didn't have time to waste launching plans for a revised, digital season. Thankfully, we found 4forty.io. 4forty does what it says on the tin: it’s easy to set-up and use, it integrates seamlessly with our existing systems, and it gives us continued control over our brand and the experiences we offer audiences.”

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