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When an orchestra tunes at the beginning of a concert it’s normally to a ‘concert A’, which as many of you fellow geeks might know, happens to be a note with a frequency of 440* Hertz.

*Actually in some parts of Europe an orchestra tunes slighter sharper, to 443 Hertz or thereabouts. You can thank us if that ever comes up in a pub quiz…

Many of us at Spork Digital are keen musicians. During the first Covid UK lockdown we saw our friends in arts and entertainment losing their livelihoods, and we were eager to do something to help. Thus was born.

We’re the software company who built, and we’re based in London… although we’ve been WFH like everyone else since March 2020. Check us out

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We're happy for you to trial the platform and stream to a small number of viewers to see if you like it. We're also adding new features to all the time and welcome feedback from those who want to take a look. Get in touch!

Implementation & Production

In the admin area for each event, we expose code snippets for you to copy and paste into your own site where you want your stream to appear. That’s our simplest implementation - just placing the player on the page.

If you’d like to handle ticketing, registration, payment and content, then you’ll need to create a website which uses our API. This can be done by you or your team. Or we can do this for you, which is what the setup fee is for.

Chat to us and we’ll go through all the options with you.

Our expertise is in building the streaming platform and applications that use it. However, we partner with some truly excellent live streaming and video production companies, so please let us know if you need help with this.


A physical venue needs to pay royalties when an ensemble performs there. Think of as a digital venue, so we also need to do the same if someone streams a performance through our platform. This is also the case if background music is used during a stream.

If the music you play or use is under copyright we will pass the PRS for music costs on to you.

Note, for music performances you will also need the correct ‘synchronisation’ license with ‘visual effect’ from the publishing company. This gives you permission to make a copy (video) of the music for the purposes of streaming. However, it does not give you permission to actually stream it.

If using necessitates changes to your privacy policy we can definitely help you with that. But the sites that we build are all GDPR compliant.


As standard we integrate with Stripe and we’ll soon be adding Square and Braintree. However, if there is another payment provider you already use, please get in touch. We should be able to help.

With Stripe we can either set up an account on your behalf, or hook directly up to your own account. We’re pretty flexible on that front.

We keep a record of the number of views that each event has and will invoice you after each event.

We charge VAT on our fees for the number of views and the optional setup fee, regardless of your VAT status.

We suggest you seek advice about how you charge VAT for your event ticket sales, as it will depend on your own status and whether or not you intend to sell tickets outside the UK. However, options exist in the system to add a ticket price with or without VAT.


Yes. An OTT TV app will allow your customers to watch a stream on their smart TV. Alternatively, our websites can stream to an AppleTV or Chromecast device, allowing users to easily view the events on their TV if desired.

The 4forty admin area is included as part of the costs. If we build a customer facing website for you as well, we can host this for you at an extra cost. This normally starts at just £30 per month depending on the traffic you get.

Yes! We can definitely build an app for you. And that includes one for phone, tablet or smart TV. Alternatively if you have your own development team, they can use the API to build one instead. Get in touch for more info.

Well, since you asked, we’ve built the platform primarily in Node.js, using Amazon Web Services (AWS), and we use Postgres for a database. The admin area is built in React, and if we build a website for you as part of the setup we normally build that React too, using Next.js for server side rendering.

Absolutely! Get in touch to find out more. We welcome developers who want to integrate with our platform.

That’s a good question, and it’s something we might consider. Get in touch if you want to have a chat!


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